Zero trust security products

Your Guide to Zero Trust Security Products

What Are Zero Trust Security Products? Learn how to facilitate remote workforce and data cloud migration for better protection.

Zero Trust Security Products

The Zero Trust concept is based on the assumption that there is no longer any place in your network that is completely safe from a cyber attack. To adopt a zero-trust security approach, companies need to implement a strategy called Zero Trust Network Architecture (ZTNA). If you’re thinking of moving your data to the cloud, learn about the factors that will determine your success.

ZTNA products offer data leak prevention. This is a security policy that helps to protect sensitive data from unauthorized access and disclosure. Also, this is accomplished by monitoring the flow of sensitive information in an organization.

User and Entity Behavior Analytics Integration

Moreover, many applications have malware protection too. Where it is the process of preventing malware from infecting an organization’s network and systems. So, it includes detecting malware, removing malware that has already infected the system, and preventing future infections.

Identity-driven endpoint control is a type of identity-driven approach for securing endpoints in a zero-trust architecture. It uses contextual data about users and devices to make decisions about whether a device should be allowed or denied access to network resources. This is based on risk assessment results from user and entity behavior analytics software.

Zero Trust Security Products

Here are the lists of the products for better security with the Zero Trust concept:

1. Cisco CloudLock is a cloud access security broker (CASB) to protect cloud-based applications. 2. Cisco Meraki is a cloud-based network security platform that provides a single pane of glass for centralized visibility, control, and security across any cloud or network.

3. Cisco AsyncOS is an application delivery controller (ADC) offering secure application delivery and secure data center interconnect (SDDI) solutions.

4. Cisco Umbrella is cloud security and protection from malware, botnets, and cybercrime across mobile devices, Macs, PCs, and servers.

5. Cisco Cloud Web Security (CWS) is a web application firewall (WAF) that inspects cloud traffic to ensure it is safe before it reaches the organization’s network.

6. Cisco Cloudlock Access Advisor (CA) is a cloud access security broker that provides dynamic recommendations for increased security, visibility, and governance of applications in the cloud.

7. Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE), identify policy engine that provides authentication, authorization, and accounting for on-premises and cloud users, apps, and devices enterprise-wide via an open API framework.

Cisco SecureX Access Control

This is an identity-driven network access control solution that provides contextual multi-factor authentication and authorization. This is while securing the enterprise cloud environment. Cisco TrustSec is a security framework that enables the segmentation of the network into multiple virtual LANs or virtual private clouds.

Moreover, this is with strong isolation between them while maintaining visibility across them. Its access control allows you to define how each user can access resources based on their role in an organization. Thus, identity and access management ensure that all users are identified properly before they can log into a system for accessing resources.

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