Why a Secure Web Gateway Is a Friend to Small Businesses

Why a Secure Web Gateway Is a Friend to Small Businesses

There are various reasons why a secure web gateway is a friend to small businesses. Do you want to know these reasons? If so, don’t stop reading.

Why a Secure Web Gateway Is a Friend to Small Businesses

Today, small businesses are not exempt from the threats of cybercrime. In fact, they are the most susceptible to attacks. Because of this, they should invest in tools that can help them secure their businesses and their clients.

Among the various tools available, a secure web gateway is one of the best. It is an online security tool that allows you to control the flow of traffic in your network. This way, you can block malicious content from entering your business network, thus keeping your network safe from cyberattacks and data leaks.

When it comes to working, a secure web gateway (SWG) works as a normal web server does. However, it has several features that make its functionality different from other web servers.

To understand how SWG works, you have to know first what it does and how it does it. Basically, this tool acts as an intermediary between your business network and the internet. Thus, when a user attempts to access your website through the internet, the SWG will connect to this user before directing him/her to your website or webpage.

You may be asking now why you need SWG rather than a server alone or even a proxy server with firewall software or antivirus program installed on it. This is because a secure web gateway offers so much more than what other security tools can offer. And also at the same time, it costs less than installing multiple security tools on one computer or server.

Why a Secure Web Gateway Is Different

While an antivirus program blocks viruses and malware from entering your device or computer, firewall software blocks hackers and bots that try to gain access to your device or computer through malicious means. Such as phishing scams that will try to steal personal data from you such as credit card numbers and credit card information among others. 

An SWG works differently from both antivirus programs and firewall software. In fact, it’s more effective than both of these programs put together. First of all, this is because it acts as an intermediate between the internet and your network. 

So, this means that when users attempt to access your website through their internet connection, they are first directed by the SWG before actually getting connected to your website or webpage. 

Finally, the second reason is that it detects malicious content. Such as viruses and malware instead of blocking them after they already entered your system. Thus, making it a more effective cybersecurity tool.

Final Words

As you can see, an SWG is a must-have tool for small businesses. So if you’re a small business owner and you need an online security tool that can help protect your business network, this tool is the best option for you. 

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