what is sd wan used for

SD-WAN Guide: What is SD-Wan used For?

Guide to network architecture and what is SD-WAN used for in managing the connection between two points. If you want your network to better adapt to changing conditions without changing hardware, here is your best lead!

What Is SD-WAN Used For?

SD-WAN Security Solution is vital since cyber threats are constantly evolving. There’s even a new type of cyber threat known as “the advanced persistent threat” (APT). These APTs are unlike other types of malware because they take a long time to infect their targets.

Since this makes them hard for traditional antivirus software to detect. Cyber threats usually don’t have destructive aims. Instead, they often use the stolen information for clandestine purposes such as industrial espionage or identity theft. This makes them difficult to detect, but easy to exploit. 

Advanced persistent threats are created by highly skilled hackers who often target large corporations and government agencies. That is to steal information on proprietary products or sensitive company data that can be used for economic gain. Also, they use for other purposes that could potentially harm the company or its customers.

These types of cyberattacks are called advanced persistent threats. Because once these threats take hold of your computer network. They can remain undetected for months or even years before being detected by network security monitoring solutions.

Advanced persistent threats often use social engineering techniques (i.e. phishing emails) to trick employees into clicking on malicious links or downloading corrupted files which will then allow the hacker(s) access into your network, which is how they spread their malware throughout the network until they obtain access to the desired information on your company’s servers. 

WAN Infrastructure Advantage in Business

Many organizations need to rapidly scale their networks as their business grows. But don’t have the resources or budget to do so using traditional methods. SD-WAN provides an affordable way to scale by adding additional locations without having to upgrade existing WAN infrastructure

Businesses are increasingly becoming virtualized environments that stretch across multiple sites or even globally. Organizations need a flexible solution that will allow them to easily add or remove sites. This is without disrupting key business applications or users.

As businesses continue their move towards hybrid cloud networks, they need a WAN solution. Since it integrates with Cloud Based Technologies such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure. With Cisco Meraki’s Cloud Controller, your network can be deployed in any geographic region.

This is supported by AWS or Azure for complete data protection compliance with local data residency laws. Organizations need more freedom when it comes to where they place their remote sites. Because physical security at remote sites is often more challenging than at headquarters locations.

SD-WAN Security Architecture

SD-WAN solutions also offer a similar approach as that of network security firewall. But with a higher quality of security monitoring and customization options as compared. Protection of the Wide Area Network is more likely able to develop stronger relationships with how big the network is.

Since it will be able to provide customized cybersecurity hardware at cheaper costs. In addition to this, network security analysis monitoring tends to have more control over the network in comparison to a cloud-based network.

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