Ways Twitter Destroyed My Secure Access Service Edge Without Me Noticing

Ways Twitter Destroyed My Secure Access Service Edge Without Me Noticing

The ways Twitter destroyed my Secure Access Service Edge without me noticing. And how can you protect yourself through the Experience Monitoring solution?

Ways Twitter Destroyed My Secure Access Service Edge Without Me Noticing

The social Media data breach is a serious security breach. It is a good example of how social media can be a source of data leakage. Twitter released a statement saying that they have fixed the issue.

Nevertheless, they are not the only source of this kind of leak. It could happen to anyone. Any site or app you use can leak your information somewhere out there.

It could be your credit card data, contact details, social security number, or anything else. So, what is the answer? You need to gain awareness that information about you is being leaked in one form or another. 

Then you can start monitoring for such data leaks and prevent them from happening further on. And this is where our Experience Monitoring solution comes in handy – it helps to monitor your accounts for any signs of leaked information. If we discover any such leakages, you will be notified about them straight away!

Data Protection Tips in Social Media

If you have already used any social media or other services which can leak your data (email, phone numbers, passwords), then follow these simple steps:

1. Open the web browser and go to the Experiencemonitoringapp website. You can also scan the QR code on the right side of this article with your mobile device to go directly to this page.

2. Enter your login credentials for the online service where you think that there is a chance of leaking your data. This is usually is email address and password. We suggest that you enter all possible combinations of email address and password when logging into services like Facebook, Gmail, etc., but don’t forget to set up 2FA protection there if possible!

3. Once you log in successfully with all possible combinations, click the “Allow Access” button on the login page. Then we suggest that you play around with our solution for a while and get familiar with it!

4. Enjoy life knowing that you get notified if something goes wrong!

Experience Monitoring Service

The solution is free to use and you don’t need to install anything. You can start monitoring your accounts on any device right now. It is not only designed to monitor your accounts.

But also you can use it to monitor other types of services, like corporate networks, servers, and software. If you would like to know more about the Experience Monitoring service. Please note that it actively working on improving our solution. So you can always expect new features and improvements.

The site does not store any of your account passwords on our servers. So, there is no way that anyone, except for you, will be able to access your accounts through our solution. Your account logins are stored encrypted locally in the browser via a JavaScript keychain.

Nevertheless, if you want to be sure that nobody can access your data through us, then you can simply delete the cookies from your browser after logging in to the website.

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