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Top Firewall Security Services in 2022

Did you know that there are all sorts of different firewall security services to choose from? No matter what your business or organization is, there’s a perfect service for you. And if you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry!

We’ve compiled a list of the top three firewall security services. Check it out!

Firewall Security Services

Firewall Security Services are essential for all networks. Because it can protect your internal network from any attacks that come from outside the network. It acts as a gatekeeper and checks all incoming and outgoing packets, comparing them to its set of rules.

If it finds any matches, it blocks that packet. These rules can be very complex and take into account factors. These are such as the source and destination IP address, protocol, port number, source, and destination application.

It can be hardware or software-based, on a computer or a dedicated hardware device. In this modern era of the internet, we have many options available to secure our network against any attacks. In this post, I will be focusing on the top 3 firewall security services.

Top Three Firewall Security Services

Firewall Security will help you to protect your network in a very comprehensive way. Since it will give you an insight into what is the difference between a firewall and antivirus software. Here are the top Firewall Services today:

Network-based IDS/IPS

Network-Based IDS/IPS is known as intrusion prevention system (IPS) or Intrusion detection system (IDS). Also, it is called network-based firewalls because it looks at packets coming in to and out of the network. It does not use any signatures but uses a pattern matching technique to detect malicious activities and stop them before they happen.

But one limitation of this is that malicious traffic needs to be known for IPS to block it. So, it is highly effective against known attacks but does not protect you against zero-day threats. It is very good for preventing denial of service attacks from outside the organization.

Host-based IDS/IPS

This type of firewall security service monitors the local server’s activities looking for malicious activities. When malicious activity is found, it takes action to stop further damage or exploitation by either removing the offending program or by generating an alert on the screen. Thus, appropriate actions can be taken.

Database Firewall

Database Firewall is specialized in protecting database servers such as Oracle or SQL servers from malicious SQL queries. That is by separating data access from data storage. This means that data access requests are filtered before getting to databases thereby protecting them against any SQL injection attack or other similar attacks.


In summary, firewalls are used to keep unwanted programs out of the network while antivirus software keeps unwanted programs out of an individual computer. This is done by scanning all incoming and outgoing packets; if any virus is detected, it is quarantined and removed. Both are very important types of security software and must be installed on all computers to keep them safe online.

Hence, firewall software will be the best option to protect your network and keep your business safe from any malicious activities. And therefore they should be installed on all computers!

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