cloud access security broker salesforce

The Ultimate Guide to Cloud Access Security Broker Salesforce

Do you want a cloud service that provides secure connections between organizations and their customers? Here is Cloud Access Security Broker Salesforce benefits to you.

Cloud Access Security Broker Salesforce

Salesforce is a cloud computing platform that provides cloud apps and services. This includes CRM, PIM, collaboration, marketing automation, and analytics. Salesforce’s platform accelerates business processes by connecting people, data, systems, and devices.

It is used by more than 200,000 customers globally and has been adopted by many large enterprises. Salesforce has built a secure multi-tenant architecture to ensure that all of its customers’ data is protected. It uses its CASB to check all traffic to and from the Internet for compliance with corporate policies or industry regulations.

These checks are performed without slowing down access or using up server resources.

Cloud Trust Protocol

Cloud computing security is the process of ensuring that data is kept safe and secure. That is while in the Cloud. It involves scanning all traffic to and from the internet. Also, it checks for compliance with policies or regulations and attempts to identify malicious traffic.

Cloud Access Security Broker Salesforce can scan both internal applications as well as web apps hosted in the cloud. It provides a broad range of security services for its customers, including:

Identity and access management (IAM) systems

Salesforce’s CASB checks against Active Directory or LDAP directory servers. This lets organizations manage logins and permissions across multiple platforms.

Web application firewall (WAF)

Salesforce checks HTTP and HTTPS traffic for malware, viruses, and other threats to data stored on the Customer’s servers. DDoS attacks are a common form of cyber-attack, where a server is overloaded with a large number of requests from multiple sources. Thus, causing it to fail or slow down significantly. 

Salesforce’s CASB monitors incoming requests from external sources. Hence, filtering out any malicious requests before they can be sent to the server.


Cloud computing security requires you to encrypt all communications between your clients and your cloud apps/servers. This is to keep data safe at all times. Data must be encrypted both when sending data over the internet and when storing it on your servers (at rest encryption).

Salesforce enables this by offering AES-256 bit encryption. So, it is used by many government agencies around the world. This ensures that your data cannot be read by anyone other than those who have access to your servers/applications.

Moreover, that is while they are in transit or while they are being stored on your servers/applications (in use encryption).

Cloud Security Layers

Cloud computing security is about more than just encryption though. It is also about protecting your data from network attacks, malware, and viruses. Salesforce provides all of the above security features in its CASB, allowing you to keep your data safe at all times.

Moreover, Salesforce’s CASB offers a range of other features to protect your cloud apps from malicious traffic. Other features in Salesforce includes Trusteer Rapport. So, this is a cloud-based service that protects against malware and phishing attacks on browsers and mobile devices.

It is an add-on to Salesforce’s CASB and adds extra protection against malware and phishing attacks on browsers and mobile devices. Thus, it continuously monitors browser activity by analyzing web requests for patterns associated with phishing sites. 

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