secure web gateway technologies

The Best Guide to Secure Web Gateway Technologies

How will you integrate secure web gateway technologies? Are you protected against common web vulnerabilities? Here is the catch!

Secure Web Gateway Technologies

Web applications are complex. For example, a recent study found that on average, around 20% of the source code of modern enterprise applications consists of custom code. This amounts to approximately one million lines of code or five hundred thousand lines of custom code.

The complexity of the web application itself may be one reason why vulnerabilities are frequently found in web applications and exploited successfully. However, it is not the only reason. It is estimated that around 80% of all vulnerabilities reported each year are related to various aspects of security, including management, access control, and input validation.

There are various methods available for detecting web vulnerabilities:

Black box testing is a security testing method where the tester does not have any prior knowledge about the structure or implementation details of the system under test. The tester typically interacts with an application by entering inputs and monitoring outputs. This method is normally used when testing a new or modified application.

Testers use this method to identify security weaknesses such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting issues.

White Box Testing

White box testing is a security testing method where a tester is provided with access to source code or specifications for an application under test. It helps him/her identify areas that may have been overlooked during development and design. White box testing can be further divided into two categories: structural and control flow-based testing.

Structural white box testing involves examining an application’s source code for potential errors. These are such security flaws and architectural defects and control flow-based white box testing. It involves examining the control flow from one point in the application to another.

This is by using conditional statements, loops, and exception handling constructs to validate their proper usage within the given context. White box testing is normally performed before black-box testing. So that testers can focus on specific areas during black-box testing.

That is rather than trying to find potential problems in every area of an application by using black-box techniques alone. White box testing has proven effective in identifying cross-site scripting issues in ASP applications. Because it provides testers with knowledge about how an application’s pages are constructed and displayed to users.

Gray Box Testing

Gray box testing is a security testing method where a tester has some knowledge about the structure. Also, implementation details of the application are under test, but not enough to consider him/herself a black box tester. Gray box testing enables a tester to focus on specific areas of an application during testing, without making it a time-consuming task.

Web application security testing can be performed at various levels. A proxy is a device or computer program that acts as an intermediary for requests from clients seeking resources from other servers. A proxy website can be used to bypass any blocks or restrictions set on certain websites.

It enables them to identify coding errors such as improper encoding of variables containing user input. Since it may lead to cross-site scripting attacks if not fixed properly!

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