Secure Web Gateway vs Firewall

Secure Web Gateway vs Firewall

How do I choose between Secure Web Gateway vs Firewall?

Firewalls are usually installed at the network level to prevent unauthorized access to computers connected to the Internet. A secure web gateway (SWG) is a software application that acts as a firewall for websites.

So, let’s take a look at their benefits for you to have a guide on which one to choose.

What Is the Difference Between Secure Web Gateway vs Firewall?

Secure Web Gateway

In a nutshell, an SWG acts as a firewall for web pages. It’s blocking malicious software from entering the network. Further keeping hackers from stealing sensitive information.

The two devices serve the same purpose of preventing data leaks and malware attacks. However, each device has its advantages and disadvantages.


A firewall is a hardware- or software-based system. It is used to protect one network from another network or the Internet. 

Firewalls are packet filtering gateways that examine incoming and outgoing traffic. This is to ensure it conforms to security requirements. These filters can be stateful or stateless.

A stateful firewall monitors the state of a connection. This is to determine whether the packets should be allowed or denied.

The Main Benefits


  • Malware protection – Firewalls keep your company from being attacked by malware.
  • Permissions – Firewalls can determine permissions for each computer. For example, an employee can access only their work email, while another employee can access their work email and social media accounts.
  • Securing computers – Firewalls are installed on each computer. They monitor and control each computer’s activities. This protects them from being hacked by malicious software or hackers.
  • Authentication – Firewalls use authentication to verify users’ identities. This helps protect your private data.

Secure Web Gateway

  • Hassle-free transactions – SWG automatically encrypts sensitive data. It also prevents man-in-the-middle attacks and protects your customers’ information.
  • Sophisticated firewall – SWG filters traffic and protects your website from viruses, spyware, malware, Trojan horses, and phishing attacks.
  • Block-a-thon Control – SWG can block access to sites with adult content. It also blocks access to sites with pirated content that are against your company’s policies.
  • Online management – A centralized online management tool lets you manage all your web gateways from a single console. You can set rules and manage security policies on the go.

Firewall vs Secure Web Gateway: Which One Is More Secure?

Both SWG and Firewall have their pros and cons. Still, they both provide maximum protection to your computer.

As mentioned earlier, the two devices are designed to protect your computer from hackers.

Hackers use malicious software to steal sensitive data from computers. If a hacker can get through a firewall, he can easily steal data from your computer. 

However, if you have an SWG, it will block the hacker’s traffic before he can get access to your private data.

The bottom line is this: Secure Web Gateways are more secure than Firewalls – especially if you have a third-party web gateway installed. 

They are more secure because they filter more traffic than a firewall. This makes them better at protecting your computer. 

To Conclude

An SWG is a must-have for companies that need to keep their data safe. Having an SWG in your business will not only protect your data but also save you time and money.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to buy a secure web gateway, then choose a firewall. It’s cheaper and does almost the same thing as a secure web gateway. 

However, if you want to be more secure, then purchase a secure web gateway.

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