Five Truths About Secure Access Service Edge

Five Truths About Secure Access Service Edge

What are the five truths about Secure Access Service Edge? Especially today, almost every company uses SASE as it saves time and resources.

In this article, let us explore more of the reasons and benefits of SASE. 

What is SASE?

Secure Access Service Edge is a way to securely access the corporate network using remote access technology. It is a remote access service implemented on the network edge (also called edge device). 

The edge device provides connectivity between an external network and the internal network. The purpose of SASE is to provide a secure connection to an internal network and applications.

According to Cisco, the number of organizations that have deployed the SASE has increased. However, many companies are still confused about whether they should implement SASE or not.

The Five Truths About Secure Access Service Edge

Truth 1: It saves time and money

By implementing SASE, companies can save time and money. This is because you don’t need to deploy a VPN or IPSec. SASE allows you to re-use the existing infrastructure.

Truth 2: It is a ‘one-click’ deployment

SASE is a ‘one-click’ deployment that doesn’t require any additional requirements. It uses Cisco IOS Software for operating systems. This makes it easy for users to deploy SASE in almost all environments.

Truth 3: It supports multiple access methods

SASE supports multiple access methods including; RDP, SSH, MSTSC, and HTTP. This way the access method can be changed quickly without any additional configuration.

Truth 4: It doesn’t require any new infrastructure

One of the advantages of SASE is that it does not require any additional infrastructure. It uses the existing infrastructure and network to provide secure remote access. This way, it doesn’t cost you anything extra. It simply reuses your existing network and provides a secure connection to your internal network.

Truth 5: It doesn’t need much bandwidth

SASE provides secure remote access using existing bandwidth. So, this means that it can be used in a smaller network that doesn’t have enough bandwidth.

Secure Access Service Edge is a great way to access an internal network and applications. It helps you save time and money since it doesn’t require any additional infrastructure. So, it is a good idea to deploy SASE in your network.

Benefits of Knowing These Truths?

After reading the 5 truths, you might be wondering what’s in it for you. It might not seem like much but knowing these truths can help you to be a better professional.

You will get to know the benefits of SASE and how it can help your company. So, if you are someone who wants to improve your skills and show more commitment to your work, then knowing these facts will help you a great deal.

Unlike other remote access solutions, SASE is easy and quick to deploy. Thus, it doesn’t require any additional infrastructure or setup. It gives users access to applications without much effort on their part.

So, are you someone who wants to save time and resources while providing secure access to your company’s internal network and applications? Then, SASE is something you should consider.

The Final Thoughts

The five truths discussed above will help you gain a better understanding of SASE. So, the next time you think of deploying SASE, these truths will help you make an informed decision.

Now that you know about the benefits of SASE, what are you waiting for?

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