How 10 Things Will Change The Way You Approach Secure Access Service Edge

10 Things to Secure Access Service Edge

Understanding how 10 things will change the way you approach Secure Access Service Edge.

10 Things to Secure Access Service Edge

Intrusion prevention is a vital element of a comprehensive security strategy. High availability is a crucial element for ensuring the reliability of your network infrastructure. These days, enterprises must be able to provide their employees with access to networks and applications from any location.

This is where virtual private networking (VPN) comes into play. It allows employees to connect to the corporate network from any location over the Internet. VPN makes it possible for employees to access networks, servers, storage devices, and applications.

But without exposing the company’s network infrastructure.

Network Security VPN Server Encryption

The two most common types of VPN are client-based VPNs and server-based VPNs. The client-based VPN approach relies on personal computers, laptops, and mobile devices. These are equipped with software VPN clients.

Using this approach, your employees can connect to the corporate network from their computers or mobile devices over an encrypted connection. The server-based VPN approach relies on centrally managed VPN servers that provide a secure connection to corporate resources. These are such as applications and services.

Server-based VPNs are a good option when you need to provide remote users with access to multiple network resources and applications since they allow you to control and manage user access permissions through centralized management capabilities.

As organizations grow in size and complexity, so do their IT infrastructures. Every day brings new challenges for IT managers who must monitor an increasing number of devices. Also, this manages growing volumes of traffic and data and handles an ever-changing set of regulations all while keeping costs under control.

Zero Touch IT Solution

Cisco Meraki was founded with a vision of helping IT organizations solve these ongoing challenges. This is through better visibility into their networks and more control over their infrastructure investments. It includes more automation of day-to-day administrative tasks.

We call this vision Zero Touch IT: any device, anywhere, anytime. The next decade will define the Internet of Everything (IoE), a global network of physical objects connected by software. It enables these objects to collect and exchange data without human intervention or knowledge.

Cisco Meraki’s Zero Touch IT vision is driving our mission across all product lines. We are building out a comprehensive suite of easy-to-use cloud management solutions. This is to meet the needs of small businesses up through large enterprises with thousands of sites around the world.

At every step along the way, we’ve designed our products from the ground up. This is to help enable true Zero Touch IT for our customers. With every release, we add more features and refine our user experience. This is to integrate with more cloud platforms and systems.

Thus, ultimately make it easier to deploy, manage, and secure networks as they grow. Our vision is to be the simplest and most powerful way to do IT. We want to help our customers focus on their core business instead of spending their time managing a complex web of devices.

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